Psychic Tarot Card Reading / Reiki Healing

Changing your life’s path for the better is now possible. Don’t leave it to chance, and get the information you’ve been seeking regarding your Love life, Family, Relationships, Finances, Career, and Health.

Nutritional Programs/ Meal Plans

Learn how to eat intuitively, and crave the nutrients your body is craving. Eat for your individual biochemical make up. Learn how proper Nutrition can change the way you move, think, feel and act on a daily basis.

Fitness Advice and Information

Focusing on the FIIT Principle and the 5 stages to optimal fitness, I will tailor your workout plan to fit your personalised needs.

Online Cognitive Mental Therapy

What came first? The gut issues?, Trauma? Behavioural, Emotional Wounding?, Spiritual Fears and Blocks? I will provide Therapy for the Body, Mind and Spirit, and allow you to free your Mind of distress and torment through positive therapeutic consultations and practices..

Nuskin Health and Beauty Products

Transform how you look and feel with anti-aging products that target your Inner and Outer body. Nu Skin is revolutionizing the health and beauty industries with products that offer comprehensive anti-aging solutions.

NuSkin Natural Products

Check out the latest innovation for keeping your Body, Mind and Spirit healthy and youthful inside and out. These are the ultimate products in cell regeneration, energy and confidence boosting quality that you are looking for!



She has helped me grow spiritually. You can ask her any questions regarding health and nutrition. She has helped me grow and become a better person.
Kelsey Payne,
She got me back to taking care of myself again. She has a great and unique approach to health and fitness that incorporates mind, body and soul. She'll give you great workouts that you won't get bored of with the flexibility to do them wherever your life might take you. One day you might be at the gym lifting weights, the next doing some kick boxing, or working out outdoors!
Sophie Atalla,
For most of my life, I would look in the mirror and try to be happy with what I saw. Having tried every diet I could find, i would initially lose weight, but gain it back months later. Rozalia , a vibrant trainer and unlimited energy, told me her purpose was the help people change the way they feel about themselves. I realized at this point that maybe I need some guidance. I joined her camp, after six weeks, I feel better than I could ever possibly imagine. I love the way I look, have so much energy and I could move my body in ways I never thought possible. I am truly grateful for the experience I have had.
Mariano Niccolo,
IT Consultant
Excellent- I really thought she connected so well, was so understanding of my situation and helping me see how to take action and gave me faith that things will get better for me. I can't even explain how, but she really helped me see things more from a soul level and what is best for me, and to do what I want and feel rather than all the conditioned BS we are told. I've asked so many people in my life for advice on this issue and no-one could advise me and I feel she just 'got it' right away without knowing me. Thanks for allowing me to just be happy-it's what my Dad said in his final letter and I suppose I haven't really taken his advice yet or did what he asked me to do. It was a good reminder, thankyou :)
Kasamba Client
just like another person said in Rozzebud's reviews, there are just a few readers whom I truly trust and admire and Rozzebud is now one of these few! My very first reading with her was today and the spiritual connection she had with me was super strong and the words that came out of her mouth honestly sounded like they were coming directly from my spiritual guides. She said a lot of very true, very honest things and I thank her for that. Highly recommend you, too, experience a reading this reader.
Kasamba Client
Excellent as always! Best reader on Kasamba! Fast typer, detailed answers. --- thank you
Kasamba Client


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