Fitness is a holistic practice that goes unnoticed when focusing on internal health and healing. Simply being able to lift your weight above your head or running 10k is not all that fitness entails. To understand what it means to be truly physically fit, we look deeper at a holistic level of fitness. Holistic fitness includes physical fitness exercises, workout plans that focus on physical, emotional mental and spiritual well-being. It goes beyond what you get from the gym.

Physical Fitness

To support a healthy weight and a level fitness, adults should get at least 200 minutes of moderate aerobic exercise (walking, hiking, gardening, yoga, etc.), or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise (biking, swimming, running, sports)3 times a week. We will design a workout plan that is tailored and works with your nutrition and supplementation plan.

Emotional Fitness

Are you able to deal with your emotional wounding? Are you able to face obstacles, your fears, anxieties in your everyday life? Do your emotions run the direction and choices of your life? Emotionally fit individuals understand how stress affects their lives, and they work to deal with it effectively. Emotionally fit people love themselves, and they show and project this acceptance to their family and friends. It takes self-reflection and self-education to become emotionally fit. People work on this aspect of themselves in many forms such as, (drawing, writing, music, painting, photography), counseling, or conversations with friends and family. Whatever you choose, it’s an important part in developing your holistic fitness.

Mental Fitness

It is important to stay sharp and include healthy mental fitness as part of your holistic plan. Even if you do not suffer from any ailment such as; Dementia, ADHD, Anxiety or Depression, our brains will begin to lose some of their agility as we get older. Thus, it’s important to always keep the neurons firing, healing and regenerating. Thus, including brain teasers, crosswords puzzles, board games will keep you sharp as you age. Getting plenty of sleep helps dramatically. Also, engaging with your external and internal world, will keep you educated, knowledgeable and intelligent.

Spiritual Fitness

To improve your spiritual fitness, it’s important to understand the connection you have to all things in the world and knowing where and how you fit in. Actions such as, compassion, love and kindness towards others and your self will increase your spiritual awareness. Meditation, prayer, yoga can all help to be an honest, truthful person when dealing with situations and relationships. Integrity and generosity are part of the journey. Intuition and listening to your body will help you learn whatever lessons you are meant to learn on your time on earth and will help you focus on any type of trauma, emotional wounding and imbalances in your mental health throughout your life journey. It is your personal journey, your personal therapy.

Fitness goes well beyond the physical body. To be truly fit and healthy, it is important to look at all aspects of fitness, including emotional, mental and spiritual.

Our in house Certified Personal trainer has the skills and experience to help you improve your holistic fitness in all these areas and design a health and fitness program which will improve your life on all levels.

Individualized Exercise/ Fitness Program – 111$

Focusing on the FIIT Principle and the 5 stages to optimal fitness, I will tailor your workout plan to fit your personalized needs. What is your optimal frequency to exercise? What is the correct intensity for your specific cardiovascular level? What type of exercises should you do for your body type/ state and form? What is the best time for your workout to last based on your day to day schedule?.

We will focus on Corrective movement, Stability, Endurance, Strength, Power and Speed. We will reach your goals diligently and vitally. This will allow you to feel empowered mentally, emotionally and physically.

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