Swords of Mirrors


 I walk through the swords of mirrors. Each of them staring back at me, piercing my soul with daggers. There’re multi-folds, I am unable to see the light before me. I fall right down unable to move. I sit in midst of confusion. Unable to take grip on myself. I am finding my self out of balance. Solely a person, of the scales could undoubtedly understand. Purely a soul, who is bounden to the no-self can categorically know the misalignment that I feel. This is in fact injustice. Cruelty to the mind as its pierced by swords. My hands are tied. Entrapment of my own making. These swords drill a hole in the ground that is my core. That core belief that my conditions perceive as real truth. Awareness is clear. This illusion is fear of my own making. Action is needed to be seized. Merely clear perception can break me free from the fog before me. I untie my hands. Grip my hand on one sword. Pull it from the ground, create a hole in a limited belief that can now vortex new realities. With complete determination, victory is mine. I cut through the fog with the power of the sword of truth. Success becomes mine as I am lead to spirit and a closer connection to deity. A blessing and a curse of an Air Element. Raw power of the double-edged sword mirror.

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