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As a present traveler, explorer and free-spirited fool looking for her next adventure, I can certainly say that Ottawa is still, will always be, my number one choice of city to visit, live in, or even pass through.

I might be a little biased, given that this is my home and the city that I grew up in. But nonetheless, I can say that it’s also the reason why I have the best insights into this place and know its real true colors.

Some may convey that Ottawa is boring and there’s not much to do, but I disagree with that statement. It’s in fact about where you choose to look! Ottawa is the city of dreamers. It’s the Capital of Canada, so us humans living there take great pride in having the honor of withholding that tittle. We have a big name, and with that, we dream big, live big, and hold our heads up high. Some may believe that to be conceited and shallow, but it’s truly what makes us unique and special. As I said, we are proud and dream big. The city is filled with aspiring, authentic artists and entrepreneurs looking to find a way out of the city, never to leave. Do not mistake this for failure, as it’s actually the opposite. You see the humans in this city become so successful in their creative endeavors, in the process, they fall in love with Ottawa for making them so strong and much I say alive! The people, aspiring big dreamers, break their hearts in this city, solely to find that they fall in love with Ottawa in the process, finding success within themselves. The humility in this city is a beautiful ongoing transformation. Most of us, have had to learn to be humble here, one way or another, and you can say that it has basically made us the nicest, most generous people in the country, well, so they say ;). Even the people that do leave Ottawa always end up coming back, as it’s our foundation from where it all started.

Ottawa is undoubtedly peaceful, and you have the freedom to do whatever your heart desires here. If you are looking for a good place to eat, you cannot legitimately go wrong with any restaurant you try. There are more than 2100 different restaurants to try in Ottawa, from Shawarwa Station to fine dining Trattoria, you can basically find whatever you need that suits your fancy. Not to mention, the wide variety of international foods will have your taste buds singing and dancing for more. Since the city is filled with aspiring creative entrepreneurs, there are diversified local restaurants to try from. All which offer loads of homemade cooking; GreenDoor for example. Whether you are a carnivore, omnivore, vegetarian, vegan, pescatarian, bagel-tarian, coffee-tarian, you will find what you are looking for. There’re loads of pubs and bars if you’re looking for a drink after work. Do not worry about having money, chances are a regular at your local bar will buy you a drink because your “new to the area”. If food and alcohol is not your cup of tea, not to worry, there are numerous more options in enjoying this beautiful city.

If you are more of an exercise buff, there’s a gym in every spot in Ottawa, whether you want to do cross fit, powerlifting, yoga, dancing, swimming, drumming you name it, there’s a class, gym for that activity. Myself I managed to enjoy Skyzone plentiful times. This is where you jump on trampolines for hours, (playground for adults). If you are an outdoorsy person, no sweat, right across the bridge from the Parliament you can find your self in beautiful Gatineau, Quebec where you can find loads of hiking trails, lakes, and mountains to explore to choose from, such as Algonquin Park. Head over to GoSkyDive and jump out of a plane! Wakefield springs is utterly close by, where you can find delicious spring water. If you want to stay close in the area, drive up to Manotic, Barrhaven, and Riverside South where you will find loads of forests and fields to ground your feet and breathe the fresh air that is Ottawa.

We have great Tourism Companies who will give you a quick tour of the city. This will include the prime minister’s house, the Ottawa River and the suburbs and parks. You will be lucky to bring a camera, as the scenery is beautiful, primarily in the fall. Lots of trees with shades of orange, yellow, and red, in which makes the city even more scenic. The city is formed in a square, rectangle shape, making it easy to get around and not get lost. The Tourist Companies will take you to explore downtown, where you can define it for its square shape and old authentic looking homes. Expressive buildings have great shuttered windows, hard stone colored bricks and a patio at every block. You will have the chance to visit the Château Laurier, where feasts are occupied, big parties and celebrations. I have had the privilege to work copious amounts of banquets at the Château Laurier as a Bartender. The food we served was always exceptionally delicious.

If you not surely where to go, and you are new to the city, no stress, please we are peaceful people. Come by a pub, a Tim Hortons or Mooney’s bay beach and one of us will surely invite you with open arms to our group activities. The friends you make here are friends for a lifetime, and we will always be here when you leave and decide to return, in the same place, doing the same motions, we were doing yesterday, a week ago, a month ago, and a year from now. We will forever entertain you about our dreams to expand our creative enterprises, to get out of this city we truly never want to leave. You see this city is the ultimate comfort zone. It’s a valley, a vortex of never changing routine. We love this city, and we wake up always knowing that we will be okay because everything around us does not change. Though, some of us do make it to leave, to be able to tell the tale of Sweet Home Ottawa in Canada.

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